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US Headquarters

2400 Edgelea Dr, Lafayette, IN 47909


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US Administrative Assistant and Historian

Connie Curilla
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Executive Team in Haiti

Colin and Carla WilsonDerold MompremierEdouine VictorEstéphène Orelus
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Team Coordinators and Facilities Management

Jon and Kathy DeRuischer
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Donations can be made online:
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Donations can also be mailed. Please designate "where most needed" or a missionary's name on the check's memo line or in a note and send to:

2400 Edgelea Dr
Lafayette, IN 47909

US Office

(Send personal mail or packages for Haiti to the Fort Pierce, FL address at the bottom of the page)

2400 Edgelea Dr
Lafayette, IN 47909

Mail and Packages for HAFF Haiti and Missionaries in Haiti

Please contact the missionaries before unsolicited items are sent to Haiti

Missionaries are charged per pound for packages they receive via Missionary Flights International in Fort Pierce, Florida. In addition, missionaries are likely to be charged Haitian customs on incoming packages. Please email the HAFF staff to learn how to reimburse the organization for the costs of what you send.

Haiti Mail and Packages

(Send donations and US office mail to the Lafayette, IN address above)

(Missionary's Name)
Unit 1069 - HAFF
3170 Airmans Drive
Fort Pierce, FL 34946

Prayer Support

Ongoing prayer support is needed for...

  • HAFF's leaders to see clearly where God is working and to join Him in His work.
  • Those touched by HAFF's programs to see Christ in all we do.
  • Haitians and Americans to be able to disciple each other in Christ with humility and loving understanding.

Current Prayer Needs

Financial Support

HAFF would not have the means to minister without the financial partnership of churches and individuals like you.

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