Project Healthy Family

Project Healthy Family
  • Coordinated by Claude Souffrance (left).
  • Health training program serving 15 surrounding communities through 30 facilitator pairs.
  • Facilitator teams have received over a year of special instruction and training from Claude, and continue to receive other seminars on new health issues as well as follow-up visits during the year.
  • Each year a new group of 15-25 people works with the facilitator team.
  • Classes meet once or twice weekly for nine months.
  • Meetings start with prayer and singing Christian, health-related songs.
  • Meetings last 2-3 hours and provide training on a variety of health issues including nutrition and malnutrition, various diseases, medical conditions, and building healthy Christian families.
  • Sponsors additional projects such as First Aid Centers in 3 remote communities (photo at top of page), clean water projects, and a nutritious tree leaf project.
  • Collaborates with other organizations like Medical Ambassadors and 410 Bridge.
If you, your church, school or organization would like to help collect and send first-aid supplies or underwrite project costs, please contact us.

Prayer Support

Ongoing prayer support is needed for...

  • HAFF's leaders to see clearly where God is working and to join Him in His work.
  • Those touched by HAFF's programs to see Christ in all we do.
  • Haitians and Americans to be able to disciple each other in Christ with humility and loving understanding.

Current Prayer Needs

Financial Support

HAFF would not have the means to minister without the financial partnership of churches and individuals like you.

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