Primary School Teacher Training Program

Primary School Teacher Training Program
  • Coordinated by Justin Mompremier (seated above).
  • Helps primary school teachers understand and apply the national curriculum, employ new methodology, and integrate biblical principles into their lessons.
  • Provides training to 200 primary school teachers and 36 directors in 33 rural church-sponsored Christian primary schools affecting the lives of over 5,000 students.
  • Offers one week (40 hours) of training each summer for directors focusing on principles of primary school administration.
  • Offers one week (40 hours) of training each summer for preschool teachers.
    • Training takes place at four centers located in Savannette, Guacimal, Bohoc and Colladere.
    • Training is provided by an IPB alumna with a degree in preschool and kindergarten education.
  • Offers one week (40 hours) of training each summer for primary school teachers.
    • Training takes place in the above mentioned centers.
    • Training is offered in alternating years to 1st through 3rd grade teachers and 4th through 6th grade teachers.
  • Provides follow-up and encouragement to the directors and teachers during the school year through visits from Justin.
  • Provides chalkboards made by visiting teams and chalk, pencils and pens as these are available.
  • Provides Christian curriculum, in collaboration with CRECH (Consortium for the Reinforcement of Christian Education in Haiti), to 27 of the 36 schools.
  • Distributed booklets to 5,600 and 4,000 school children (in 2013 and 2014 respectively), in partnership with Haiti, Let's Read, on the subjects of cholera prevention and reforestation.

Prayer Support

Ongoing prayer support is needed for...

  • HAFF's leaders to see clearly where God is working and to join Him in His work.
  • Those touched by HAFF's programs to see Christ in all we do.
  • Haitians and Americans to be able to disciple each other in Christ with humility and loving understanding.

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