Young Leaders for God Class

Young Leaders for God Class
  • Coordinated by Derold Mompremier (left in red)
  • Trains a select group of 12-15 young men and women to be Christ-like servant leaders in their families, churches and communities.
  • The class meets two afternoons a week (2.5 hours each day) from October through May in a roundtable discussion format focusing on the application of class topics to the students' lives.
  • Students are encouraged to keep growing in their personal relationship with God.
  • Subjects taught include Bible study, Christian leadership in the community, how to work on committees, and societal and lifestyle issues.
  • Students also participate in service projects in the local area to apply principles learned in the class.
  • Guest speakers, such as pastors, professionals and leaders in the community, as well as visitors to HAFF, discuss their own leadership experiences with the students and offer encouragement and advice.
  • Each year there is a day of reflection featuring Bible study and fun.
  • Each year's day of reflection is followed by a day at the beach and a meal at a restaurant; first time experiences for many of the youth.
  • The year ends with a graduation ceremony (photo below) in which the Young Leaders sing, present gifts to that year's facilitators, receive gifts from family and friends and are given a certificate marking their major accomplishment.

Prayer Support

Ongoing prayer support is needed for...

  • HAFF's leaders to see clearly where God is working and to join Him in His work.
  • Those touched by HAFF's programs to see Christ in all we do.
  • Haitians and Americans to be able to disciple each other in Christ with humility and loving understanding.

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Financial Support

HAFF would not have the means to minister without the financial partnership of churches and individuals like you.

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