We are sorry, but due to COVID-19, we are unable to safely host teams for the remainder of 2020. If you are interested in sending a team in 2021, please contact Jon DeRuischer or Colin Wilson.

Hearts and churches can be changed and set on fire for Christ by short-term mission trips.


About HAFF Short-Term Mission Friendship Teams


  • To bring comfort and hope to Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • To see what Jesus is doing in Haiti
  • To listen to God speaking through Christians of another culture
  • To pray with Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • To experience the Bible in a context that brings the parables to life
  • To be encouraged by the faith of Haitian Christians.
  • To hear and respond to God's call on your life



  • People who want to be discipled as well as to disciple,
  • who come for several days to a week,
  • who visit alone or with a group,
  • who come with their own church or with people from other churches.


What could we do?

  • Share your faith
  • Work with your hands
  • Pray with Haitians in their homes
  • Share English conversation with students
  • Play sports with Haitian youth or games with children
  • Experience Haitian culture and daily life
  • Hear testimonies of Haitian Christians
  • Teach a seminar
  • Preach in a local church

Prayer Support

Ongoing prayer support is needed for...

  • HAFF's leaders to see clearly where God is working and to join Him in His work.
  • Those touched by HAFF's programs to see Christ in all we do.
  • Haitians and Americans to be able to disciple each other in Christ with humility and loving understanding.

Current Prayer Needs

Financial Support

HAFF would not have the means to minister without the financial partnership of churches and individuals like you.

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