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Community Education Programs

Community Education, also known as non-formal education, helps people integrate Christian principles into their lives and provides various skills training.

Project Healthy Family is a yearly HAFF program working to improve the physical, mental, and spiritual health of families in surrounding communities through education. In 2022 the program transitioned from training adults to teaching elementary school students. 12 trained volunteer facilitators cover 24 schools in 14 communities for a total of 32 individual health sessions. The program also supports 3 remote 1st aid clinics and the distribution of a water treatment solution.

The Financial and Agricultural Programs for Farmer Groups works with groups of Christian farmers – community members organized into informal cooperatives. By theory and practice the program teaches agricultural and business practices that please God. As farmers learn a technique, they apply it to individual farmers' land. The program promotes practical, sustainable agriculture through soil conservation, reforestation, and economically viable vegetable production and field-cropping practices.

The 8-month Godly Woman class is inspired by the model of the Proverbs 31 woman. This series of classes is designed to encourage women from surrounding communities (sometimes a whole day’s walk away) to be godly women in their spheres of influence while developing skills they can take back to their communities and share with their friends and neighbors.

Another 8-month class, the Young Leaders for God trains a select group of young men and women to be godly servant leaders in their families, churches, and communities. The class focuses on servant leadership and teaches principles such as self-discipline, biblical leadership, purity, setting priorities, Bible study techniques, and Christian character. Students also participate in service projects in the local area to apply principles learned in the class.

Hearts and churches can be changed and set on fire for Christ by short-term mission trips. To bring comfort and hope to Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ, see what Jesus is doing in Haiti, listen to God speaking through Christians of another culture, and pray with Haitian brothers and sisters in Christ. To experience the Bible in a context that brings the parables to life, be encouraged by the faith of Haitian Christians, and to hear and respond to God's call on your life, consider a trip to visit HAFF in Haiti!

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