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Haiti Chaos

A September 20th article in the Wall Street Journal began, “The Haitian government’s plan to raise fuel prices has sparked chaos in the Caribbean country, with a powerful gang leader blocking a port and calling for the prime minister’s overthrow, and food warehouses looted, businesses and beach houses torched and embassies closed.

A September 22nd editorial in the Miami Herald stated, “Dominican President Luis Abinader, whose country is Haiti’s closest neighbor, told regional leaders last week that what’s unfolding in Haiti “could be defined as a low-intensity civil war.” Haitians prefer the term “the Somalization” of their nation. To them, it best describes their plunge into a Somalia-style scenario where powerful criminal gangs block the roads, disrupt fuel deliveries and fan chaos. At the same time, people go hungry, the government crumbles and corruption and impunity reign.”

The fighting has blocked National Routes 1 and 3 leading to the north. HAFF is right on National Route 3 about 80 miles north of Port-au-Prince.

God in His grace and mercy has kept things quiet in the area surrounding HAFF. But the fighting has still had serious consequences for HAFF. Trucks are unable to get out of Port-au-Prince to bring vital supplies to the Plateau. Thus, there are shortages of food, fuel, and cash. More recently it has been impossible to get to Hinche, south of HAFF to even pay HAFF’s internet bill or buy needed supplies.

With the shortage of fuel, HAFF staff are not travelling unless absolutely necessary. Use of the generator has also been reduced, impacting water supply to the HAFF campus. HAFF’s internet service has been intermittent as well, presumably because the provider is also short on fuel.

The shortage of currency means HAFF has had to find creative ways to get currency to pay workers and purchase school food. Even back in May, there were 2 days HAFF could not find enough currency at the bank to provide the hot lunch so many of the students depend on.

Haiti is also experiencing rapid inflation which is another part of the economic breakdown. The price of food that is available rises at every weekly market leading to many hungry families. One of the ways you can help your Christian brothers and sisters in Haiti is to make an extra donation to assure that HAFF can keep up with the rising costs of school food, which is even more vital in these hungry times. Please share this need with your family and friends and keep praying for Haiti.

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