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What is Connie Curilla's Role at HAFF?

I was full time in Haiti from Jan 1986 - June 2011. At various times, I, among other things, taught English, Science and learning skills, did the field bookkeeping, co-founded and co-coordinated the Godly Woman class, ran the eyeglass clinic, and was part of the management team.

That was then. This is now.

In 2011 I came down with Hepatitis A. Fully recovered from that now, I am still a full time missionary, but stateside. I am the US Administrator and Historian for HAFF. I pay the bills, process online donations, work with the bookkeeper and those who process donations given by check and assure that operating funds get to the staff in Haiti. I handle the writing and/or editing of Publications, Facebook and blog posts, respond to inquiries, shepherded the DeRuischer family through their support raising, and worked with Patricia Lyon on her application process and details of her being seconded to HAFF from CVM, work closely with the HAFF executive director, and advise the HAFF board and field staff.

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