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And Now There’s Cholera… Again.

As if gangs, blockades, shortages, earthquakes, and hurricanes weren’t enough for Haitians to be concerned about, cholera is rearing its ugly head again. An October 4th article in Barron’s reports that the World Health Organization fears cholera cases are under reported and will increase.

Cholera was not a problem in Haiti till just after the earthquake of 2010. And, it hasn’t been a problem for the past 3 years, probably due to widespread drought. And thankfully, cholera never did become a big problem in the area around HAFF. But HAFF is preparing in advance in case a local response is needed

In 2010 when HAFF got the news about cholera in Haiti, we were blessed to have a team, including an epidemiologist, visiting from Atlantic Veterinary College (Prince Edward Island, Canada). She was able to answer questions in a meeting we held with the whole HAFF staff. She was able to assure them that they could safely take their animals to the river to drink as cholera would not infect them.

At the same time, we were also blessed to be able to explain and distribute water filters for all the staff.

Finally, with our Community Education programs for women, youth, health workers, and farmers and through the pastors in our Pastor Training Seminars we were in a unique position to be able to quickly respond to the crisis. We sent out packets of 3 brochures on cholera prevention and treatment to 214 leaders in 100 communities around HAFF.

HAFF is again uniquely qualified to respond to this current crisis of cholera in the same way.

Your financial support and your prayers can help. Financial support assures that HAFF has the funds to purchase paper and envelopes to send packets again. Your prayers are essential to the encouragement and emotional fortitude of the staff and to combat the spiritual forces of darkness that are spawning and rejoicing in this chaos.

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