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Bohoc Training Institute -- Institut Pratique de Bohoc (IPB)

The Bohoc Training Institute or l’Institut Pratique de Bohoc (IPB), a middle and high school, is the focal point of HAFF's academic educational program, with about 370 students enrolled in grades 7 through 13. IPB has been educating middle and high school students in the Bohoc community and surrounding area for almost 40 years. Past IPB students have become church and community leaders, pastors, teachers, doctors, nurses, agriculturalists, business owners, electricians, and many other professions. They have thus been able to support their extended families and educate their children more easily than previous generations.

As vital as secondary education is, even more vital is the Christian witness of the school. School begins each morning with devotions for all the students. All the grades, except grade 13, have an hour of Bible instruction each week. Students have the opportunity to participate in the Young Leaders for God class and a youth group called the Friends of Christ. Teachers can pray in class and share their faith with their students. And they do. And students have come to faith in Christ and have grown in Christ through their time at IPB.

IPB Alumnus, former Executive Committee member and current IPB teacher Pastor Maccene Limpreux has said, “I have seen the ministry no longer only work in the domain of education, but also in the domains of health, agriculture, and others. When I tell people I am a member of the HAFF EC, they say that God is using the children of HAFF and making them responsible for big things. Those who are faithful in small things, God confides larger things to them.”

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