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Good News from HAFF

We are so grateful to have some good news to share with you from HAFF.

School was able to open in November! Community leaders, parents, and the headmasters of local schools determined it was safe enough in the area to begin. Concerns were that the teachers would not be able to find fuel to get to classes and that schools would not be able to find enough food to feed the students. Thankfully, teachers and students have been in full attendance and HAFF has been able to find food for the school lunch program.

Also in November and continuing through December, Dr Patricia Lyon and local veterinary agents have been able to hold various vaccination clinics around the area. November saw the last clinics for the year for most species of livestock and pets in the area. The end of November saw and the rest of December will see weekly vaccinations for poultry to protect them against the deadly Newcastle's Disease.

Finally, the Godly Woman class (top photo) and the Young Leaders for God class (bottom photo) began their 8 month courses.

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