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Meet HAFF's Executive Committee in Haiti

While HAFF’s long-term goal was to have Haitians in positions of authority over the whole ministry, for many years we relied on Haitians leading the various programs. In the summer of 2011, after much prayer and the counsel of HAFF missionaries and key members of the Haitian staff, the Board of Directors approved a new leadership structure for the ministry in Haiti. Haitians who demonstrated strong

HAFF EC 2019 faith, maturity, and leadership skills moved into executive level leadership of HAFF alongside 3 US missionaries. Together they formed the Haitian-majority Executive Committee (EC). Eleven years later, only two of the original EC members still serve on the committee, but past EC members continue to advise the current committee who we believe God has appointed to lead HAFF into the future.

Derold Mompremier and his wife, both IPB alumni, have 2 children. Derold is a founding coordinator of HAFF’s Young Leaders for God program, a licensed electrician, a keyboardist, and youth group president at his church. He works with and helps coordinate infrastructure projects and visiting teams.

Edouine Victore and his wife, both IPB alumni, have 2 children. After university, Edouine became the HAFF field Accountant. He serves as vice-president of his church youth group and as a deacon and sometimes preaches.

Estephene Orelus is an IPB alumnus, married with 1 child. Estephene pastors his second church plant, works with the IPB English program and is a committee liaison with the school

Verona Orelus just graduated from IPB in 2021 having taken a 13-year break from school. Single, she cares for her mother, actively working in her church. She provides secretarial services for the EC and works with English curriculum and classes. Verona and Estephene are sister and brother.

Colin Wilson has served HAFF as field bookkeeper, financial advisor, and in maintenance and agriculture.

Carla Wilson develops curriculum for the IPB English program and helps oversee health and agriculture programs and groundskeeping. Colin and Carla Wilson have served with HAFF 16 years.

Derold Edouine Estephene Verona Carla Colin

These men and women make the daily decisions in Haiti and work with the Executive Director and Board of Directors to set the yearly budget and follow HAFF’s God-given vision, mission, and core values. Please pray as the committee meets Tuesday mornings for prayer and Fridays for business.

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